The Meraki Health Centre provides whole-person interdisciplinary health care to individuals & families

With our hands, hearts, and minds open

Interdisciplinary programs for specific populations

The Meraki Health Centre has two main interdisciplinary programs: our pediatric Team Interdisciplinary Developmental Evaluations (TIDEs) program; and our Gender Variance Program (GVP). We also provide health services for some general and specific subspecialty pediatrics as well as allied health therapy (psychology, counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, nutrition).

* Please note that the Centre does not offer vaccination, blood tests or radiology exams.

UPDATE APRIL 2022: We have moved! Please take note of our new address at 1600 René Lévesque W, suite 130 (entrance on Guy street)

UPDATE OCTOBER 2022: Please note that our waitlists for the Gender variance program have been re-opened

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