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Infant and Toddler Language: 5 Signs of Possible Delay

By Elissa Benjamin, Speech-Language Pathologist

In our previous post, we shared five milestones expected to see before babies start using words. The following list contains five red flags of language delay. This list is not exhaustive, but it should help you get a sense of what is expected from the perspective of a speech-language pathologist. If you are concerned about language delay, speaking to a speech-language pathologist can put your mind at ease.Read More

Infant and Toddler Language: 5 Signs of Typical Development

by Elissa Benjamin, Speech-Language Pathologist

Language development is extraordinary. Watching a baby go from no words at all to using full sentences by age 5 is nothing short of amazing. Most people can see that babies communicate an awful lot of information about how they are feeling and what they want before they are even able to use words. The following list contains five milestones that we expect to see before babies start using words (at approximately 12 months). Read More

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