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Habiter son corps – Free online workshop, taking place March 1st 2023

Marie-Daphné Roy, our sexology intern, has a mission to contribute to the well-being of patients at the at Meraki Health Centre by offering sexology services, such as evaluation and sexological counselling. You may have come across her during a meeting with your doctor or during our support groups for parents of trans, non-binary or questioning teens.
On March 1, 2023, she will be offering a free online workshop open to anyone who identifies as trans, non-binary or questioning, and is between the ages of 16 and 30. This session will be an opportunity to explore mindfulness strategies to better manage the distress associated with gender dysphoria. A yoga and mindfulness teacher, she will share her expertise in mindfulness practices with participants.

Habiter son corps – Atelier en ligne gratuit, le 1er mars 2023

Marie-Daphné Roy, stagiaire en sexologie, a pour mission de participer au mieux-être des patient.e.s du Centre de santé Meraki en y offrant des services en sexologie, telles que des rencontres d’évaluation et de relation d’aide sexologique. Vous l’avez peut-être croisée lors d’une rencontre avec votre médecin ou lors des groupes de soutien pour les parents d’ados trans, non binaires ou en questionnement.
Le 1er mars 2023, elle offrira un atelier en ligne et gratuit, ouvert à toute personne s’identifiant trans, non binaire ou en questionnement, âgé.e entre 16 et 30 ans. La rencontre vise à explorer des stratégies de pleine conscience pour mieux gérer les périodes de stress associées à la dysphorie de genre. Enseignante de yoga et de pleine conscience, elle fera profiter les participant.e.s de son expertise des pratiques de pleine conscience.
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2023 Sessions: Support Group for Parents of Gender Variant Individuals (*anglophones)


Are you a parent of a trans, non-binary, gender variant or questioning teenager? Are you looking for support and the opportunity to share with other parents?
Our sexologist, Eden Fournier, will be offering new parent support group sessions, in 2023, starting this January. Please see the attached flyer for more information, concerning the sessions held in English.
To reserve your spot, please access the following link:
For all other information, please send an email to

Expansion of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Services

By Elisa Donato, physiotherapist

Hi I’m Elisa. I am a physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience in pelvic health. I am currently working at the Meraki Health Centre with children and adults with pelvic floor related conditions.

So how can I help?

Well, the pelvic floor is key for both bladder and bowel control & sexual function. I have experience working with all age groups (infant to the golden years) and I welcome all genders. To the trans and non-binary community, please feel free to consult with me if you are experiencing issues with your pelvic floor; often this is particularly useful for those of you who have surgery and are in the post-operative period.

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Web Resources for Transgender Voice Modification

By: Elissa Benjamin Speech-Language Pathologist

The topic of Transgender Voice Modification has recently become very important in the field of speech-language pathology. The role of voice in during an individual’s transition cannot be understated, given the intricate relationship between voice and identity.

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