By Elisa Donato, physiotherapist

Hi I’m Elisa. I am a physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience in pelvic health. I am currently working at the Meraki Health Centre with children and adults with pelvic floor related conditions.

So how can I help?

Well, the pelvic floor is key for both bladder and bowel control & sexual function. I have experience working with all age groups (infant to the golden years) and I welcome all genders. To the trans and non-binary community, please feel free to consult with me if you are experiencing issues with your pelvic floor; often this is particularly useful for those of you who have surgery and are in the post-operative period.

When should you book an appointment?

To name a few, reach out if you are having issues with:

  • Urination (pain, incontinence, urgency, difficulty voiding)
  • Passing stool (pain, incontinence, constipation)
  • Pelvic, coccyx, genital and/or abdominal pain
  • Organ prolapse and support
  • Pain and decreased mobility related to surgery scarring
  • Pain and difficulty with sexual intercourse
  • Vaginismus (impossible penetration)
  • Short vaginal length / vaginal stricture
  • Postural dysfunctions caused by chest binding, tucking, and scarring

You shouldn’t be healing on your own

Whether you are going to undergo a transition surgery or not, I suggest you consult a specialized physiotherapist. I am here to support you throughout your physical pre-and post-operative journey.

My office is a safe and respectful space. Let’s break the stigma surrounding these issues and seek the necessary care.

To make an appointment, contact or leave a message at (514) 933-3393

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