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Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy

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What is a Speech and Language Therapist? A highly qualified professional that evaluates and treats your child’s speech and language skills.

Speech-Language Therapists treat communication disorders including:

Speech difficulties

  • Articulation/ phonology: the way we pronounce our sounds
  • Apraxia: difficulty coordinating and planning the movement for sounds
  • Fluency: stuttering
  • Voice: the way our voice sounds

Language difficulties:

  • Expressive: difficulty with using language (e.g. Vocabulary, formulating ideas, grammar, retrieving words)
  • Receptive: difficulty understanding language (e.g. Following directions, understanding questions)
  • Social communication: difficulty with the social use of language (e.g. Using language to build social relations, initiating and maintaining conversation and topics)

Parent classes available in English and French:

Stimulating Language in Late Talking Children

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