Meraki team

Gabriel J Galantino, M.A., PhD(c) Sexologist

Gabriel J. Galantino completed a master’s degree in clinical sexology, is a PhD student at the Université du Québec à Montréal and a clinical sexologist at Meraki Health Center. Gabriel works with individuals and partners and uses the humanistic-existential and the systemic therapeutic approaches. He previously helped adults and teenagers to overcome sexual, relational and emotional difficulties. For Gabriel, the therapeutic relationship is at the heart of counseling. He believes therapy is meant to be a safe-space to be and to become. Gabriel mainly offers services to trans and non-binary people, being himself a trans man. His research interests are developing gender affirmative therapeutic approaches, service access and resilience. Believing that mental health care services should be financially accessible, Gabriel uses a sliding-scale going from 60$ to 100$ per session.   

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