By: Elissa Benjamin Speech-Language Pathologist

The topic of Transgender Voice Modification has recently become very important in the field of speech-language pathology. The role of voice in during an individual’s transition cannot be understated, given the intricate relationship between voice and identity.

In my work supporting transgender and gender non-conforming people with the voice presentation, I have been humbled by their courage, bravery and tenacity in seeking the path to authenticity and congruence. In my individual work with clients, what often brings them to seek the services of a speech-language pathologist is confusion over what to do in order to modify one’s voice. There are many resources available online but understanding how to apply the principles described can be confusing. In addition, there can be a risk of injury to the voice if someone tries to modify how they sound without using correct technique.

In this blog post, I will share some web resources that are reputable and provide solid information about voice modification. If you are hoping to work on your voice, or just want some initial information, I would suggest starting here. If you have questions, or if you live in the Montreal area and would like to book a consult, please contact me using the information at the end of this blog post.

  1. American Speech and Hearing Association: Transgender Voice Modification : This website is a great jumping off point for more information about speech, language and voice. Scroll to the bottom for their recommended resources.
  2. Prismatic Speech Services: This website has a variety of gender related voice resources, and the SLP who writes for this site is very active in educating other clinicians on cultural competence and the particular nuances of gender voice modification.
  3. The Voice Stylist: Tina’s website and overall approach are wonderful. I use her program with clients and  she presents information in a way that is easily understandable. She also offers web-based services and courses.
  4. The Voice Book For Trans and Non Binary People: not a web resource but a great book written for anyone interested in gender voice modification by a British speech-language pathologist.
  5. Toronto Adult Speech Clinic Excellent voice resource from a Toronto based speech-language pathologist
  6. New York Speech and Voice Lab Christie Block is a master clinician, and her website is another very good resource for matters related to gender voice. I took her course in Chicago this past spring and it was a game changer.

There you have it! I hope these resources help you on your journey. As always, please reach out to the team at Centre Meraki.

Elissa Benjamin, Speech-Language Pathologist

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